Transportation infrastructure will stimulate the U.S. economy significantly over the next few years. Hundreds of large projects have been announced; so many in fact, it should be possible for almost every type of contracting firm to find attractive opportunities. Bus & Rail Projects Regional transit leaders in Ann Arbor, Michigan, recently released a $10 billion […]

Upcoming public sector opportunities can be found in almost every area of the public sector marketplace. But, at the moment, the sheer number of upcoming opportunities related to law enforcement facilities is enough to make one ponder. Has every incarceration facility become obsolete all at once? Have local and state officials all decided to upgrade […]

County courthouses, city halls, and government buildings of all types are being renovated, sold, or replaced. Most public facilities of this type are old, inefficient, costly to maintain, and unable to accommodate new technology. Some are unsafe and no longer meet federal compliance standards. Contractors interested in pursuing contracting opportunities to provide upgrades or new […]

Cities with vibrant cultural assets attract tourists, retail establishments, hotels, real estate developers, and appreciation from local citizens. Cultural facilities also boost a region’s economic engine. The 2002 redevelopment of Millennium Park in Chicago, for example, spurred $1.6 billion in revitalization nearby. Libraries, museums, multipurpose theaters, recreational venues, and civic centers also are key components […]

There are often dire predictions about the U.S. housing marketplace. Experts in the commercial sector worry about interest rates, construction labor shortages, and declining demand. In the government housing marketplace, however, the concerns all center on the great demand for affordable housing, student housing on college and university campuses, and homeless shelters and public housing […]

Cities throughout the United States are announcing revitalization projects. The trend is strong—so strong, in fact, that it’s hard to find a state without a number of cities either in the planning or launching stages of rebuilding their urban cores. These types of initiatives have common components, and they all have a need for private […]

The recent Panama Canal expansion created what some call “a whole new world” for U.S. ports. Megaships now carry more tonnage, cargo is more diverse and much more of it is shipped throughout the world…especially to U.S. ports. Contractors are in high demand to help ports update infrastructure, add new rail lines, construct more storage […]

Municipal leaders throughout the country are focusing lots of attention on convention centers. That’s because convention-related business contributes millions to city coffers. Two years ago, communities in the United States with convention centers shared in $845 billion in revenue generated by the meetings industry along with $104 billion in tax receipts. New data shows a […]

Cities and counties have common problems throughout the U.S. And, these common issues are opening up a new marketplace that is catching the attention of investors and contractors. There’s definitely a trend developing here. Public officials at the state and local levels of government are seeking alternative sources of funding to deal with thousands of […]

President Trump talked a lot about health issues (cancer treatment, HIV research, drug prices, etc.) in his recent State of the Union address. Other elected officials throughout the country are also speaking out about healthcare issues. There is no alternative to providing citizens with healthcare services and government leaders are searching for ways to upgrade, […]