Growth and change are descriptors common to colleges and universities throughout the country. That’s where the focus is…but managing the two is almost impossible without an abundance of human effort and financial investment. It would be hard to find individuals anywhere who disagree with the importance of higher education, but public funding has not kept […]

Hard to believe…but spending on urban parks is up 30% over last year.  At least that is what the U.S. Department of Commerce reports. This statistic is important because it represents millions of dollars of new contracting opportunities for companies from almost every industry sector. Today’s municipal parks are treasured city assets. Most are structured […]

Looking back, 2018 brought both turmoil and innovation to government contracting. A string of cyberattacks, such as the ransomware attack on Atlanta, left public officials focused on increasing cybersecurity. Hurricane Florence in North Carolina and fires in California brought resilience and climate change to the forefront of many agendas. Start-ups and disruptive new offerings radicalized […]

The United States ranks number one in the world for health care spending as a percentage of GDP.  That sounds great… but, Texas ranks only 11th worldwide when it comes to performance.  That’s because of “access to care.” The country’s health care rankings are likely to get worse as 673 rural hospitals in the U.S. […]

Demand for construction projects is at an all-time high in the U.S. But, construction firms cannot respond aggressively because of the lack of skilled workers. With no relief in sight, there is great angst! Spending on new contraction surpassed $1.2 trillion in 2017 and is on pace to be even higher in 2018. This increased […]

Weather-related disasters have become all too common.  The destruction is horrific and the rebuilding costs are astronomical – not to mention the pain and sadness related to the loss of lives.  Last year, weather-related disaster costs exceeded $306 billion. Companies that offer disaster recovery and rebuilding services no longer find their services cyclical.  Instead, demand […]

Strange as it might seem, the threat of administration-imposed tariffs has not slowed investment in America’s ports. The extremely large megaships are coming through the Suez Canal headed to America and U.S. ports will be ready.  Most are already engaged in making upgrades, performing maintenance, expanding to facilitate the larger ships and constructing new storage […]

We may be experiencing a building boom but it is not producing affordable housing…and that’s what municipal leaders desperately need. The lack of affordable housing has become a national problem. The Urban Institute reports that for every 100 low-income American households seeking affordable apartments, fewer than 30 units are available. And the National Apartment Association […]

All indicators point to a strong year for the construction industry.  Most projections are that the growth will continue through 2021. However, there could be a glitch…and it could come from the public sector – the local levels of government, to be more specific. There are thousands of new local construction projects just waiting to […]