iSqFt makes my day easier, my phone calls shorter, and my research faster

Phillip Chenault


The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) and iSqFt (now ConstructConnect) have been strategic partners since 2001. Since that time, AGC and ConstructConnect have worked together to streamline the methods in which general contractors, specialty contractors, owners, suppliers and others collaborate in the construction process. The tools offered by ConstructConnect and utilized by our members allow them to be more efficient, productive and profitable.

Stephen Sandherr, Chief Executive Officer


Absolute Fire Protection, LLC


The webinar I attended yesterday was exactly how a webinar should go. It was very professional, well thought out, well noted, fantastically paced and the speaker had a wonderful voice for it! Please keep me informed of all the webinars from iSqFt in the future!

Deanna Wolfe


AccuTech Construction Inc

General Contractor

My entire experience with CMD LEADS has been excellent with special kudos to our trainer and our sales exec. I’ve had many questions and they provide the information and examples that I need to be reassured that this was going to be a good value and a valuable tool for us going forward as a growing firm.

Gary Kreisler


Bhate Environmental Associates

General Contractor

iSqFt is my command center. All the information I need is right at my fingertips, and the tools are fast, convenient, and easy to use.

Bob Decker


Bray Controls


With Intelligent Leads, we are closing more jobs, gaining new customers, and growing our market share.

Jim Fisher


Brickey Acoustical, Inc.


Our Lead Manager+ trainer did a good job, no wasted time and I learned a lot!

Jason McMaster, Brickey Acoustical, Inc.


Caleffi North America, Inc


ConstructConnect Insight provides valuable information about our products specified in the bid/spec market and has increased our database of engineering firms that specify our products. This has provided the leads we need to conduct trainings about our product, which has led to double digit sales increases in this section for our business.

Woody Dickinson


Clauss Construction

General Contractor

In all, doing business with you has been very satisfactory. Between great customer service and the number of jobs you have listed, you prove to be everything we need in a website of your function.

Paul Daily


Cooper Construction

General Contractor

Insight has an easy to understand page layout and quick navigation tools, which allows us to quickly find precisely what we are looking for.

Ara Mazmanian


DiMeglio Construction Company


My Lead Manager+ training specialist was excellent! She answered all my questions and helped set up my system. She went above and beyond and helped me understand everything.

Jackie Cappuccio


Garage Door Specialists


Thanks for your assistance today. Your customer assistance skills make iSqFt a tool in my job box that really works. This program is a daily part of my life now. It works great and if ever there’s a problem your guidance navigates me through. I was awarded a 45k job that I would have never known was available had it not been for my morning email that comes like clockwork. Thanks again for professional help.

Scott Benge


Garden State Engineering, Surveying & Planning


My training specialist was outstanding, very patient, and followed up extremely well. She was knowledgeable and did not hesitate to utilize her peers and supervisor as needed. EXACTLY the way it should be done.

Gary Bender


Holiday Inn Express & Suites Bellevue

Our trainer for CMD Leads was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We are very impressed with the product and support we have received thus far.

Marie Meyers


HPS Schonox


CMD has given us access to intelligent data by providing qualified leads and targeted information for our Regional Business Managers to increase their business. In addition, the Spec-Edge program has given us another platform to reach the A&D community by providing us with spec data sheets and Manu specs written specifically for our products, giving us an advantage in the specification process.

Karen Bellinger


JD Sales Company


ConstructConnect Insight has been great to use with our company. Being able to find projects fast has really helped minimize downtime chasing projects. The ability to be notified of updates/addendum changes has helped our company stay ahead of bid and changes that might not normally be gathered in time.

Padma Mistry


John C. Kohler Co.


Our trainer’s guidance and instruction were wonderful. It was clear she had both a wonderful knowledge of Lead Manager+ and the construction bidding world, which is an invaluable combination. We are thankful to have her and the entire ConstructConnect team as a resource.

Brian Kohler


K&D Landscaping, Inc.


I have been working with iSqFt for a few weeks but we already are starting to bring in more leads and opportunities than any other platform we have used. Great tool for anyone trying to improve their sales pipeline.

Justin White


LHV Precast


LHV Precast has been able to connect to engineers, contractors, municipalities, and developers using the clear and concise information available with ConstructConnect Insight. LHV has had other services solicit us, but our review of their services does not equal the value of Insight.

Adam Baker


McSwain Carpets & Floors


iSqFt gives me all the information I need and is pretty quick about it. Also, it is user-friendly.

Steve Krieg


Medical Support Systems LLC


We have doubled in size in less than three years. We attribute this to contacts created by your product as well as the information provided to bid.

Don Volbrecht


MGC Construction, LLC

General Contractor

I am in awe of what all iSqFt has done for me and after the training, I see I’m only using a small part of its capabilities.

Ray Moore, Take-offs & Planning


Momentive Performance Materials Inc.


ConstructConnect Insight is significantly easier to use than the competitor’s product. It is simple and streamlined. It is light years ahead of the competitor’s product, which was just too clunky and difficult to navigate.

Nicole Lemmond


NRG Spray Foam Insulation Co.


I found the training very informative and helpful. I appreciate the time that you took to teach me and I really enjoyed your training techniques. You made the training real easy and understandable, but more than that, you are really personable and great at what you do. Thank you so much.

Penny Lewicki


One Stop Companies


Our trainer, who was very enthusiastic about iSqFt, was as excited about me learning how to learn the product as she was about showing me all the great features and benefits iSqFt has to offer. Our trainer obviously believes she has the best product on the market, and I do too!

Steve Brown


Pavement Markings Northwest


Having a single place where anyone in the company can see what’s going on keeps us from wasting time. iSqFt helps us even out the business and work more efficiently.

Ron Taylor


Plante Moran Living Forward


I have nothing but praises for our customer “success” manager. With his help, I expanded my knowledge and skills on CDC. I believe with his expertise and training abilities, he is quickly making your platforms a needed tool in my profession. My highest regards to him and your services!

Joanne Stiger


Port Enterprises, LTD


Construction Data keeps us informed on what is up for bid over a large territory. We have used other services that have plan rooms, but they do not have all the information Construction Data has. Construction Data keeps us aware of all the upcoming projects over the Lone Star State so we don’t miss an opportunity.

Cody Comstock




ConstructConnect Insight is my first go-to tool, whether to find new projects or to find additional information on leads from outside sources. My account manager helped me set-up targeted weekly reports to help us find new leads.  I get daily emails showing which of my tracked projects have updates. The convenience of checking last minute for posted addenda before bid date helps my confidence that I have reviewed the most up-to-date information for proposals.

Shan Fitzpatrick


Samuel Roll Form Group


I receive the BEST customer service from you out of all of our vendors! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it.

Sarah Honeyman




iSqFt gives us a competitive edge. Through iSqFt, we’ve interacted with general contractors who we might not have had the opportunity to before. Many have shared information with us on why our bids were or were not successful, and assisted us in moving forward. That’s the type of information that we need to grow our organization.

Jim Crippen


Sunpac Storage Containers, Inc.


Having the knowledge about what prospective customers are working on has really helped me go after and gain new accounts by having the information to ask open ended questions, garnering positive feedback and response from future clients using Insight services. The staff and support are also very helpful and are proactive following up with our needs.

Jay Bester


Thomas Concrete of Georgia, Inc.


Construction Data is our primary resource for both our residential and commercial sales staff. We use as much technology as possible and with the addition of the online service, our sales department is able to access information on their laptops and smart phones quickly from any location.

Gwendolyn Chandler


TRAX Industrial Products


Thanks again for your time this morning. We appreciate your availability and willingness to instruct and teach customers. You have a great ability to relate to your customers and your enthusiasm is infectious.

Del Marks


Trey Electric


iSqFt is the most informative project site I use. It is up-to-date and has all the information you need to view and order the drawings.

Dan Davis


United Engines LLC


CMD has displayed excellent customer service and your employees really know the product and how to treat a customer. We left a competitor of yours due to poor customer support and response time. However, the employees we’ve worked with at CMD are very driven and care about the customer and the product image.

Billy Bryant


We Cork


I felt compelled to express to you how much our Customer Success Manager is an asset to ConstructConnect. She is extremely professional, has a great personality and is a pleasure to talk with. Her product knowledge is excellent and because of that I have a better understanding of how to use ConstructConnect!

Randy Cook



We’ve won a handful of projects which originated as leads from ConstructConnect Insight.

Carl Lindquist


Wiring Technologies, Inc.


Prompt, effective support. Answered questions directly and clearly. Can’t ask for much more than that!

Brandon Billups


Wooster Products Inc


ConstructConnect Insight offers current, legitimate information and is user-friendly. We previously used a competitor and cannot understand why anyone uses them.

Terry Fitzpatrick


B.G. Brecke Mechanical


Our training specialist was extremely personable, polite, and knowledgeable. I feel very comfortable with her should I need to reach out for anything. Thank you.

Caitlin Reuter


Berkshire Systems Group


Our company signed up with CMD and after leaving one of your competitors. The whole website is a bit different in a good way. There are more options, better ways to search and it looks like it is easier to organize. The trainer was wonderful and really made it easy to follow and I wasn’t bored. I am excited to get to use this and see where it takes me.

Jedediah Richardson


California Expanded Metal Products Company


Based on the data provided by your team, the combination of the Spec-Edge and TeleServices programs has dramatically increased our awareness in our targeted markets. Our level of inclusion in specifications in those markets has spiked since launching the program.

Eric Larson


Cameron and Associates Management Inc

General Contractor

The ad with Constructconnect’s Daily Commercial News worked out great. We had interest from several general contractors and I believe most of them got wind of us through your publication. Looking forward to doing business with you in the future.

Doug Drever


Federal Heath


The amount of valuable data available from ConstructConnect Insight is eye-opening. In the past, we have struggled to find the organizations and, specifically, the people that drive those projects. Your product gives us the type of transparency we were unable to find elsewhere.

Dan Belling


Somatex Material Handling


Lead Manager+ has worked extremely well for our firm, and could not have been possible without the support from our account exec. From taking the time to walk me through the program when we started to the periodic emails and calls answering all my questions in full.

Daniel Mack




The BidClerk team took time to work with us to discover exactly what our needs were and what we were looking for. Then they tailored our search to our needs.

Carolyn Nott


Waterman Industries


iSqFt makes my job easier by providing the information, the documents and the tools I need to put together a full package and easily share that package with our estimators to quote.

Frank Soto, Take Offs


Tri-North Builders

General Contractor

We use iSqFt to notify our subs of certain elements and bulletins, project notices, and general information. It allows us to send formal invitations to bid. Revisions or addenda are automatically issued so we know we are all working on the same documents. It helps us communicate quickly with our subs when we need to.

Carl Hardy


Ramada Inn

In this industry, I don’t ever see myself going without BidClerk. I’ve recommended it to my colleagues at other hotels too—in other towns, of course, because I don’t want my competition to know about it—because of the success we’ve had with it.

Robert Mills


ConstructConnect Insight provides us with intelligence to find the specific glazing projects tailored to our kind of niche projects, early on in design, so that we can disseminate those leads to our reps for prompt follow up to get us involved and specified. Once the search criteria is established and a delivery schedule is set, it is “set it and forget it” to receive targeted information that helps provide leads for our business while monitoring our competition. We find great value in this service.

Chris Lalonde