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Why Every Contractor Needs to Prequalify their Subs

Construction projects inherently come with a variety of risk: safety hazards, financial risks, project delays. Hiring subcontractors adds another layer where things can go wrong. Doing a little research on subcontractors to prequalify them for the project can make the difference in making a project safe and profitable. Download the PDF to learn more about […]

Making the Jump to Commercial Construction

Transitioning from residential to commercial construction can be intimidating. Understanding commercial construction – the players, process and common terms – will help make the jump less daunting. Download the PDF to learn about how to transition from residential to commercial construction. Download the PDF 2MB

How to Keep Your Construction Projects on Schedule this Winter

Prepping your construction sites for winter ideally would start in early fall. However, if you haven’t had an opportunity to prep for winter weather, take time now to review your preparedness. Download the PDF to learn about how to keep your construction projects on schedule this winter. Download the PDF 1.5MB

The 3 Hottest Technologies Transforming the Construction Industry

It’s no secret the construction industry is late to the digital age party. In fact, many companies still haven’t arrived. However, as the industry continues to change, keeping up with technology is key to remaining competitive and relevant. Download the PDF to learn about the top 3 technology trends in commercial construction that will change […]

Beat the Heat

Summer is here and with it the heat and the added danger of suffering heat-related illnesses at the construction site. For construction workers, the summer heat is not only uncomfortable but also dangerous. Construction workers are at a higher risk for health related illnesses due to the strenuous nature of their jobs and prolonged exposure […]

The Architect’s Journey to Specification

Get Inside the Head of Architects What separates BPMs that get specified by architects from BPMs that don’t? According to this study, there is one factor that answers this question better than any other: relationships. 60% of the time architects know which materials and manufacturers they will use ahead of time Greater than 70% of […]

Finding and Utilizing Quality Construction Leads

Success in commercial construction starts with finding the right project leads. Whether a lead is referred to you from an established relationship or you learn about it using a lead generation service, knowing which projects to pursue will have an impact on your productivity and your bottom line. In this paper, you’ll learn how to: […]

10 Networking Tips for Construction Professionals

Let’s face it, making that initial introduction can be intimidating to a lot of people. The first step to building a relationship is making a connection, which can happen all the time, and in all places. You need to be ready to take advantage of an opportunity when it presents itself. Follow these tips to […]